Partners for Growth

We believe in partnering. For most of new, innovative business ideas, there already is something out there in the world that could help. Why do everything from scratch, by yourself?


Screening & Scouting

We screen through about 10 000+ growth companies yearly to find the ones who match with our customers needs. On average, the Avanto screening team has a hit rate of 70% in finding relevant companies.


Deep Dives

When you have found “the one” and want to make sure there is a strategic fit, we take a deep look into your chosen companies. Using 7 key topics, we analyse the company to build understanding on joint-opportunities.


Programmatic match-making

Successful venturing activities need a constant flow of new partners. Our programs from Innovation Challenges to long-living ecosystems, like LOOP, are a fast-track to finding new partners with efficient time use.