What is it about?

Artificial Intelligence has been a hot topic from boardrooms to media for years, and lately also Finnish government launched a project to move Finland to a new AI era. The challenge is that the IT revolution gave us a huge amounts of data, which we still haven’t been able to utilise to the fullest. Additionally, we tend to forget that AI isn’t merely a tech trend, but creating new real business opportunities.

To move from talk to action, Avanto Ventures is now organising Kaira Accelerator program.  We connect you with the top experts in the field and help you embrace AI by building actual business cases and by developing your competence.

We are now looking for 4-6 companies to connect with the top AI startups around Europe and learn from each other.

Take your AI operations to the next level with us

AI technologies can be utilised and combined in different ways to sense, comprehend and act. Even though utilising big data is challenging, both structured and unstructured data can be turned into real business. The key is to get started, learn through experience and find the best ways to leverage AI in your field of business.




Why participate?

Access to the leading European AI experts

Majority of the AI experts are working either in startups or in consultancy which makes a huge talent gap for corporations. Through our extensive screening, we find the best AI startups to match your needs.

Deeper understanding what AI means to your industry & chosen theme

Get a better understanding of AI’s impact on your industry and chosen sub-themes by networking, building concepts and piloting real-life projects with the best AI startups. 

Concrete pilot cases in 2-months

Learn through experience. Compact pilots will help you to define and create your longterm data & AI strategy in an agile way.