Connected Finland launches Finland-wide network for IoT

Nation-wide mobile network for IoT? Count us in!

IoT - Internet of Things - is the next big thing in the coming years. We're talking about technology and systems to immensely streamline our everyday life and make room for new inventions, services and ecosystems.

Connected Finland is the network builder and operator of IoT in Finland. Their extremely cost effective network will cover 85% of Finnish population.

We've worked with Connected Finland since late 2015, helping them in their strategy planning, in investor presentation preparements and in fundraising. We also linked them with our corporate contacts. Now we're happy investors, too.

Partnership with SIGFOX accelerates IoT in Finland

In June 2016, Connected Finland launched their partnership with global IoT network provider SIGFOX. The French-born SIGFOX has strong owners such as Intel, Telefonica and Samsung. They are building a global network crucial for international customers operating in multiple countries.

Rodolphe Baronnet-Frugè (SIGFOX Executive Vice-President of Networks & Operators) had nice things to say about Connected Finland and Finland as a market:

“Finland is one of the world’s most competitive economies, with a strong focus on innovation and adopting new technologies in such fields as electronics and telecommunications.

This positions the country to become a European leader in terms of quick adoption of the IoT and invention of exciting new applications for industry, business and personal use. We have seen this entrepreneurial spirit demonstrated strongly by our partners Connected Finland.”


Roll-out starts now

Finland-wide IoT is not a matter of distant future. Connected Finland will roll out the network in major cities during the summer 2016 and provide nationwide coverage by spring 2017.

Finland-wide IoT is a matter of tomorrow.

Are you ready to take advantage of it?