Elina Kajosaari joins the Avanto team


Elina Kajosaari joined the talented Avanto team as Corporate Venturing Lead in May. Elina’s focus will be on building collaboration between corporations and startups to strengthen and grow their business. Combining her 10 years of experience in both the corporate and startup worlds, Elina explains:

I’ve grown with the companies I used to work for and enjoyed it so much that driving growth became a passion. That is also what led me to dive deeper into corporate venturing and open innovation.

After graduating from Aalto University’s School of Science Elina joined Microsoft working in the interface of technology and business, learning from one of the world’s most fine-tuned corporate engines.

At Microsoft, I learned how much detail goes into building an outstanding system that produces and delivers world-class products and services. On the other hand, I also got to experience what the term corporate gravity means.

After a number of years, Elina wanted to experience the other end of the spectrum working for Finland-based growth companies Kiosked and Avaus Marketing Innovations. The agile culture and entrepreneurial spirit called for fast learning and adaptation. At Avaus, Elina was heading the operations of a business unit of 35 people.

I’m a fast-paced person and I enjoy the startup and scaleup ecosystem a lot. I have had the privilege to experience what it is to build and scale a growth company and how to adapt the best practices from the corporate world to support the success.

In addition to helping its customers grow, Avanto is currently gaining momentum scaling its own business internationally. Elina is proud to join Avanto’s team of leading corporate venturing professionals at such a fascinating moment.

I’m energized by the talent and high-drive of our team and customers. We will be achieving fantastic things together. With summer and sun this is a perfect time to start something new!