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Mikko Ampuja, the CEO of Vapaus Bikes looks extremely happy since the biking season has finally begun in Finland. Vapaus is one of the startups in our Smart & Clean Hub here at Mechelininkatu 3d sharing the premises with Team Avanto and several fantastic startups. Let’s hear more from the guy behind his helmet.

Hi Mikko! Tell me a bit more about your company Vapaus Bikes?

Vapaus is basically Bicycle as a Service model for corporations enabling employees to use bikes for commuting or shorter rides during the day. We have two options, either you can get sharable bikes or lease a bike for each employee. The best thing about Vapaus is that you don’t need to worry about the maintenance or administration of the bikes – we have it all covered!

Wow! Sounds cool. What kind of companies benefit of Vapaus the most?

We are discussing with organisations that are willing to focus on the well being of their employees and looking for much needed options for cars. We are here to change the attitude towards people who are biking to work or to a meeting. By the way, did you know that under 5 km trips in the city center are fastest with bike?

No! But I believe you. How about the electric bikes, what’s up with those nowadays?

People are super interested in trying one! The best thing about electric bike is that you don’t get sweaty and your looks stay fresh if you drive to a meeting in the middle of the day.

Has anything surprised you while talking with corporation bosses and HR professionals?

The amount of positive feedback. It’s been overwhelming. We even did the study in a huge organisation and ¾ from the staff were interested having shared bikes. The result surprised even the decision makers. Corporations are interested in scalable ways of changing the world and this is one good option.

What are your goals for the near future?

I want people to enjoy the freedom of biking and the energy what it brings to your everyday hectic life. I want to normalize biking and make it a serious option for private cars and public transportation.

You were the first one to join our Smart & Clean Hub. How has it been?

I love the community and cooperation. Encouraging words, tips from other startup founders and the synergy effects warm my heart daily. Here you can meet professionals with enormous network and interesting contacts.

Thanks Mikko! Anything else?

Remember to wear a helmet.


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