Prediction of a cab driver on electric mobility in India: “In 5 years we’ll see the change!”


Written by:
Ulla Koivukoski
Head of Avanto Ventures India

Greetings from Delhi’s morning, where the Real-time Air Quality Index (AIQ) at 7 am showed pm10 on the level 355, which falls into category of “Hazardous”.

I’m positive, that you as a reader of this short blog understand the motivation, why Avanto Ventures and our partner Innohabit want to influence and contribute by promoting the so much needed change  in the attitude and approach in India. In the last 11 months, since we started our journey in India, we have already seen progress in multiple ends, but major efforts are still ahead us. 

I had a very inspirational discussion with an Uber cab driver yesterday, when groveled in the afternoon traffic of Delhi.  

As a father of a small daughter he was very well informed on the health impact of the pollution in Delhi. As the “most important thing of his life” he was well aware, that there are multiples areas he needs to work on to bring a good foundation for the life of his daughter. I was very pleased to hear, that health and good education were the key topics in his talks. 

When initiating the discussion about electric mobility, he could point out a few areas from the traffic, which should be sorted out first. The public transportation and the logistic industry were the first priority categories to his opinion as they typically represent big volumes and might be easier to manage by the policy makers rather than the smaller private sectors. He was confident, that in the coming five years we will experience the change and electric mobility will become more visible in the streets of India. Loved his positivity!


As commented in my previous blogs and in some of the conference presentations, I’d like to repeat, that approaching the matter as an ecosystem play, would bring sweeter fruits and maybe faster than the acts of the public sector only or individual companies promoting their own offering only. 

During December 2017 - February 2018 we conducted a research study on the market and business of advanced mobility in India. The April issue of the Climate Samurai published a brief intro to the findings on the pages 12-13. Stay tuned and follow this stream to get the link to download the entire report or invite us to run a workshop on the findings. You can find it from Avanto Ventures India web pages after published. 

As of the title of Climate Samurai's story on the pages 8-9: "Your small steps can bring bigger change," I believe that although the challenge is huge in India and globally, we as individuals and companies can bring our part through collaborative mindset of system thinking and do good for people and the planet and yet make business out of it. Wish to get you involved as well!


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