Business Hippie making crowdfunding for sustainable projects mainstream


Jukka Kajan, the CEO of Joukon Voima, also known as Business Hippie, is one of the members of our Smart & Clean Hub here at Mechelininkatu 3d. Jukka inspires us all with his positive energy and outstanding networking skills.

Jukka, what you’ve been up lately?

It’s been busy times looking for a new sales person for Joukon Voima and working with some pretty cool projects that are coming up this spring. Can’t wait to announce it to you all!

What exactly Joukon Voima does?

Joukon Voima is a platform where anybody can crowdfund sustainable projects and make an impact on our future. With Joukon Voima you can choose a project fitting your economic situation and risk tolerance, and after funding follow its progress and development.

Our funders are from various backgrounds and they all have different motives for their actions. Some people are looking to make profitable investments without any deeper meaning while others want to make an effort for our planet. We’re happy to offer both!

What has been your highlights with Joukon Voima so far?

I’m really touched by the movement we have created. There are an amazing group of people helping us out, spreading the word and sharing their knowledge about upcoming activities. We have also funded few huge projects and the best part is we are just getting started. I see our future bright and full of possibilities.

So Jukka, we are used to see you smiling and full of positive energy. Do you ever have bad or challenging days?

Well, of course, I think we all have. Sometimes it’s frustrating to tolerate the insecurity of being an entrepreneur. It’s impossible to control everything or get things done as fast as I would like to. It’s been a learning curve for me to understand I can’t affect on every detail.

How do you see your future?

My goal is to see Joukon Voima as an international phenomenon. I want crowdfunding for sustainable projects to be as normal as any other investment option is, but with that special feeling and value Joukon Voima brand adds.

You have been in our Smart & Clean Hub since day one. Tell about your experiences so far.

I just love it here! Few days back Santtu, from Solved, needed my help in one of their projects and of course I was more than happy to help. I visit often downstairs at Demos Helsinki and Kaskas Media because they have super talented and nice people working there. After a discussion with them Joukon Voima ended up being a partner in the Meriroskahaaste that they produce. There’s always hype about hubs that create value to members due to random encounters. Very often these are just fluffy promises, but here I can truly say that the community claims its value.

And the last question. What motivates you?

I have to do things that matter. I would be bored to death if my days at office would be meaningless or measured in numbers. If I do my things right I make an impact to our society. That keeps me going. I carry a heavy cross because of the state of our planet. If the humankind fails in saving the planet, I want to say: “At least I fucking tried”.

Thanks Jukka. You really inspire us all.

Thanks. Can I just say one more thing. Life at the office isn’t always that rosy and that is due to Antti Rantanen’s (one of the founders of Avanto Ventures) bad taste in music.


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