Tackling the world's sustainability challenges with Solved

Our Smart & Clean Hub in Helsinki is bringing together like minded startups in the Smart City domain. Together with Team Avanto the community is enjoying the vibrant office life gathering at least once a week for coffee or after work sparkling.


One of our dear roomies is Solved. I had the honor to have a little Q&A session with Janne Hietaniemi, the CEO of Solved, and share their story to you all.

So Janne, what Solved actually is and who are using it?

Solved is a cleantech advisory service and collaboration platform. Solved tackles the world's sustainability challenges in an amazing way. Over 500 companies in 70 different countries are using it and finding the best professionals to help with their various problems.

Let’s say I’m working for a company X and in desperate need of help. Where to start and what to do?

First you need to sign up to Solved and write a short summary about your situation and together with us define the problem and find the right professionals who understand it in a detailed level. After the perfect match is found the dialogue between all the stakeholders is ready to begin. Usually the projects take about two months, but we’ve seen 12 days success stories and a long term advisory panels who work continuously for the partners’ best.

What kind of companies can use Solved?

Companies with complex and strategic problems which a single operator can’t solve by itself. We’ve had several projects with cities but we are open for everyone from real estate developers to investors and industrial companies.

What is the thing you are most proud with Solved?

The partnership with United Smart Cities. It’s truly a unique possibility to meet new customers and create next level collaborations globally. The other thing I’m extremely happy is our long journey with the City of Heinola. We’ve been creating hundreds of new workplaces by using exactly right professionals and their relevant expertise.

Where do you see Solved in the future?

Our goal is to be the world's largest community for cleantech professionals. Even though we are talking about huge global problems like climate change, I have the trust there is a way to tackle it with the best talents from various industries.

You’ve been in Smart & Clean Hub for few months now. How does it feel?  

It’s an interesting idea to share the office space with like minded companies. Coworking is about helping each other and getting the support from colleagues who may have faced the same ups and downs we have. Under the roof of Smart & Clean Hub you can run into people you wouldn’t  meet otherwise – never underestimate the power of networking!  



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