Hanne Kettunen returns home

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of starting to work with JP Virtanen, Antti Rantanen and Teemu Mäkitalo, Hanne Kettunen joined her old colleagues from Avaus Consulting (company founded and then exited by our co-founder, JP Virtanen) in Avanto Ventures this March. 

- It’s like coming back home. Avanto combines the two sides of my career: strategic consulting and digital innovations. Also, it feels really good to be back with the people I started with and worked for the most of my career with.

During her years in Avaus, Hanne advised customers in digital transformation; how to spot the potential, how to build new businesses and how to shape the organisation for the new world. 

Avaus was sold to Siili Solutions in 2014, where Hanne lead the 60 people Digital Services division as Design Director. 

- Siili was a great continuation to Avaus. While still working with the same challenges of business transformation, I also got to experience a major M&A and the life of a much larger organisation. It certainly was a deep dive into leadership but also strengthened my skills in design and venture building. 

At Avanto, Hanne will be helping customer both in Corporate Venture Capital and Venture Building. She is looking forward to working with a lot of new customers and people, happy to have spotted that the team at Avanto is nothing but stellar. Some things remain the same, though:

- Three years have passed since we last worked together but nothing has changed. The people here are still incredibly smart, fast and unpredictable in their thinking. I’m so happy to see the guys have surrounded themselves with exceptional talent and spirit that will make Avanto a guaranteed success, Hanne smiles.

Good to have you back!