#BragForSlush – Top 100 must knows from Slush 2017

To celebrate Finland’s centenary and entrepreneurial mindset we at Avanto wanted to share you the most comprehensive summary of Slush 2017.

Here you go, all you need to know about the best startups, announces and insights from Slush 2017 wrapped up in Top 100 trivias. 


TOP startups:

1. Finnish startup Altum Technologies (FIN)  won the Slush 100 Showcase of 2017. Altum Technologies offers a solution to clean industrial equipment without having to shut down production.  

2. Selko Technologies (FIN) saves years worth of repetitive, expensive expert work and reduces risks, costs and defects with AI based software robotics in requirements analysis in complex, regulated technology projects.

3. CHAOS Architects (FIN) is an AI cloud service developer that provides a platform where cities, citizens, and businesses can jointly innovate, interact, and design valuable data for a better living environment.

4. AEROPOWDER (UK) is creating novel insulation materials from waste feathers. The poultry industry generates a vast quantity of waste feathers every day, and disposal options are limited. AEROPOWDER converts feathers into a high performance insulation material that can be used for a variety of applications.

5. SYLink (FR) hardware device provides consumers confidence and security in their internet connections in order to prevent hackers actions.

6. ObjectBox (UK) is the first high-performance NoSQL, ACID-compliant on-device database for mobile and IoT.

7. 3DBear (FIN) let kids create their own toys in VR/AR and 3d-print them.

8. AdLaunch (FIN) has created easier way to create video adds.

9. Diwala (NO) is a decentralized digital economy platform for refugees, that will allow them to build their identity by educating and documenting their skills, earning assets and receiving donations.

10. Vultus AB (SWE) is eliminating waste in farming through a satellite analysis that reduces fertilizer use by 40%.

11. Brill Power (UK) makes lithium ion batteries live longer, perform better and cost less through our intelligent battery control technology enabling batteries live up to 60 % longer.

12. PlusOne (US) has builded "HoloSapiens" to Chinese market: intelligent, human holograms that detect human users’ emotions, biometrics, position and gestures to let people interact as naturally with technology as they do with each other.

13. Fimmic’s (FIN) WebMicroscope AI enables pathologists and medical researchers to improve the speed and accuracy of tissue diagnostics with Deep Learning based image analysis to enable more precise and personalized patient care.

14. TrucksOnTheMap (UK) has developed online truck-availability-map and professional social medium, where there are free trucks visible and bookable at any future time, anywhere on the globe which is solving a €120 billion issue in EU and the USA.

15. Noiseless Acoustics (FIN) won Accenture Accelerator program with its solution providing intelligent products and services that utilise sound as a source to help you detect problems such as leakages.

16. Lexplore (SWE) use eyetracking, AI and solid research to find dyslexia as early as the first years of school. It's a service, able to measure reading ability and give schools and municipalitys a view over the kids reading skills.

17. Holoeyes (JP)  provides VR/MR/AR service for doctors and hospitals by providing app from CT scan data from each patients enabling smoother communication within the day-to-day medical field.

18. iqBox (FIN) won Elisa Innovation Challenge and received €50.000 funding to develop their post box for food deliveries with remote-controlled locks.


Photo: Samuli Pentti

Photo: Samuli Pentti


New product and service launches:

19. Avanto Ventures launched AI focused Kaira Accelerator program in our AI Afternoon that brought together 250 AI startups, investors and business executives.

20. Wärtsilä kicks off a SparkUp Challenge for startups.

21. Finnish startup Oura launched unique tribute to Finland’s 100th Independence Day: a beautifully designed ring, combining Finnish technology, science and design, that tracks human behavior and helps in understanding changes in lifestyle that has an impact on their body and mind.

22. Finnish startup Varjo launched their re(s/v)olution for human-eye quality VR and partnerships with in eg. Audi, BMW, Airbus, CERN Ideasquare and 20th Century Fox.

23. Slush, Junction and Startup Sauna launched event series called The Hack Tour.  The trio is now going to Tartu, Riga, Vilnius, Gdansk, Krakow and Budapest, to continue to help startups not only in the Nordics but around Europe.

24. Samsung’s Business Development Manager Young Sohn announced a new AI research center will be launched in Europe. The exact location was not yet disclosed, but Young mentioned Finland would be an excellent place for it.

25. OP Pohjola launched a new smart cast that collects data from sensor placed on the cast and assist in faster rehabilitation of patients with individual and situation-specific instructions.  

26. Plan International launched Sheboard, a mobile keyboard that uses predictive text input to make the user recognize language that strengthens gender stereotypes.

27. Finnair presented a new face recognition check-in machine that tells passengers their seat and route to the gate.

28. Nordic Web and Slush launched The Nordic 100, an annual list recognizing the 100 most impactful and influential figures in the Nordic tech scene each year.

29. OP Bank released 12+1 new innovations related to paying, mobility and healthcare.

30. Jolla announced a blockchain community phone program to develop the world’s first Blockchain solution on top of an open mobile operating system.

31. Porsche announced launch of an open innovation platform to find partner for building best possible sport car for the future.

32. MeetingPackage.com launched its exclusive affiliate partner program. The program gives a possibility to turn website visitors into money by implementing MeetingPackage.com Booking Engine into one’s website.


Photo: Kai Kuusisto

Photo: Kai Kuusisto


New funds & investments released:

33. Instead of choosing just one winner of the €500.000 investment award, this year Slush awarded multiple startups that received the most investment interest.

34. Based on Atomico’s and Slush’s study European VC investments in technology will rise to it’s record level of $19 billion.

35. Finnish scaleup Fimmic is transforming tissue diagnostics with Deep Learning AI Cloud Platform for digital pathology. With its product WebMicroscope Fimmic they received €4 million funding.

36. Executive Director & President of Tencent Martin Lau met with Supercell’s Ilkka Paananen and admitted Tencent’s €3 million mistake when refusing to buy 20 % of Supercell’s shares in 2013.

37. Grundium received €2 million funding from Ascend Capital Partners. The company is developing mobile digital microscope scanner for pathology.

38. Tacto Tek received €5 million funding. TactoTek is a leading provider of solutions for Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE) that integrate printed circuitry and electronic components into 3D injection molded plastics.

39. Finnish startup Canatu received €12 million funding. Canatu develops 3D formable touch sensors providing design freedom and intuitive user experience for automotive and consumer electronics.

40. Norwegian startup Iris. ai raised $2 million seed funding. Iris.ai is an Artificial Intelligence tool which helps researchers in industry and academia to find the scientific knowledge they need.

41. In the Slush Skolar Award competition the winner Swedish Johan Seijsing digs into tackling antibiotic resistance with enzymes. The winner reminded that more than 700.000 people are dying yearly because of non-effective antibiotics for bacterial infections. Seijsing received €100.000 prize to continue his research.

42. Chinese accelerator Comb+ announced a creation of a new artificial intelligence fund with investing focus on Northern European early-stage technology startups. The target size of the fund is €65 million.

43. Finnish VR startup Immersal closed a seed round from investors such as Bruce Oreck, Inka Mero and Torsti Tenhunen and closed a deal with Finnkino.


Statements and opinions:

44. “A startup with funding actually has more resources to solve a specific problem than a large corporation.” said BMW Startup Garage’s founder Gregor Gimmy when talking about startup-corporate collaboration.

45. “Do we really have to change? Can we change? and Will we change? Here is the good news: we do now have the tools to solve the climate crisis, we just have to use them, we have to implement them. We are going to win this struggle!” Former Vice President of United States, Al Gore, opened Slush 2017 with a statement that sustainability is the way of the future.

46. “There are areas, where technology has not yet disrupted the system, such as government, medicine and education. We hope that European governments would take the opportunity to make things easier for entrepreneurs. Also if we don’t fix education, we can’t fix the future. Said Brent Hoberman, Founder of Founders Factory & Founders Forum, & Niklas Zennström, founder of Atomico & Skype.  

47. Gregor Pryor from Reed Smith shared the top 10 fuck-ups of what not to do in music business.

48. The current AI technology is getting exponentially faster. In Slush Music panelists estimate that this will probably lead to first computer-created hit song in 3-4 years. But who has the rights in AI produced content has not been solved yet as only humans can own copyrights.

49. “If you want to build better world, don’t work for charitable organization but build profitable and sustainable businesses.” said Leila Janah, founder of LXMI. LXMI, provides of luxury skin care products, was founded in 2015 and has $15 million revenue.

50. Urska Sreen from Bellabeat and Tommi Lehtonen from Blueprint Genetics agrees on healthcare trends: the world is moving from reactive to predictive.

51. Entrepreneur and Business Executive Naveen Jain warns people for starting trend diets. The Founder of InfoSpace believes that gene technology will soon help individuals find personalized diets.

52. ”We can change the world but in order to do that, we must not ask for permission, we must be bold.”, Andreas Antonopoulos, “The Master of Bitcoin”

53. “Don’t buy startup equity! Instead, buy their products. Don’t mentor startups! Instead, be a demanding client.” said Gregor Gimmy, founder of BMW Startup Garage.

54. Toby Copper, Kat Manalac and Alice Bentlick shared great tips on how to build world-conquering team and startup.

55. “When it comes to bringing out your company’s best, you are who you hire”, said Jerome Ternynck, CEO of SmartRecruiters.

56. Accenture’s Responsible AI Lead Rumman Chowdhury on moral outsourcing: “We should not blame AI on negative consequences, but rather fix them.”

Photo: Samuli Pentti

Photo: Samuli Pentti


Fun facts of Slush 2017:

57. The winner of Slush 2017 pitching competition was Finnish startup Altum Technologies.

58. Last time Finnish startup won the Slush pitching was in 2011 when BetterDoctor shared the prize with Weekdone.

59. Main themes for Slush 2017 were analytics and artificial intelligence.

60. Besides the main themes also circular economy, sustainability, health and VR/AR were the big trends in Slush 2017.

61. Royals of at least three countries visited Slush. The confirmed visitors were Prince Daniel from Sweden, prince William from UK and Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands.

62. Avanto Ventures had a pleasure to host Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands and Netherlands’ delegation during the event as Avanto will open an office in Netherlands in spring 2018.

63. Finland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs handed Prince William two hobby horses for his children as part of a campaign to encourage confidence in children.

64. This year Slush attendees could step outside of the main venue to a extended Sauna Village and even dip in the ice cold tub, avanto.

65. There was 20.000 attendees at Slush 2017.

66. 150.000 individuals took part in Finnish startup Firstbeat’s program to measure their health, wellness and recovery. Results are showing that at this time of a year Finns are sleeping the most, but recovering the worst.

67. Over 2.600 startups took part in Slush 2017.

68. Slush 2017 has attendees from 130 countries. In his opening speech President Sauli Niinistö hoped that also the missing 70 countries are on their way to come to build better future together.

69. To avoid sexual harassment or disrespectful behaviour Slush sent all the attendees a code of conduct and made wearing name badges essential in official after parties.

70. There was 1.500 venture capitalists and investors in this year’s event.

71. Slush flight from Helsinki to San Francisco was full of investors, business executives and...  Kukko, Finnish lager beer banned to be sold in US markets without special license.

72. Finnish Americans paid up to $250 of can of good old Kukko beer delivered by Slush attendees.

73. The flight from San Francisco consisted of 100 high level executives and it was up to $10.000 investment per passenger for Slush.

74. Creadum’s Nordic Tech Exit Report from 2016 stated that the Nordics are currently producing the most billion-dollar companies per capita after Silicon Valley.

75. Based on Slush’s and Atomico’s report the gender imbalance remains a notable challenge also in startup scene and only 9% of CxO positions at venture-backed European startups are held by women.

76. In 2017 Slush is “only” one of the 63.000 tech-related events hosted across Europe’s tech ecosystem.

77. This year the weather was very slushy at Slush.

78. There was more than 300 side events in Slush 2017.

79. 5/10 (Selko Technologies, CHAOS Architects, Altum Technologies, 3DBear, AdLaunch) Slush 100 Showcase finalists were from Finland.

80. This year, diversity was of particular importance. Slush partnered up with HeForShe, UN Women’s solidarity movement for gender equality, to raise funds for its IMPACT Scholarships with PwC.

81. Two weeks ago, Finland made international headlines with Fazer announcing its insect-bread. Slush visitors were served their share of the crunchiness too: insect-pizza.

82. Slush is run by 2.400 volunteers, mostly from Finnish universities.

83. Multiple Finnish artists such as Pete Parkkonen, Saara & Isac Elliot performed at The Utopic Slush Afterparty. But one DJ was above them all: The Windows 95 Man.

84. Nokia generated the highest impact on their tweets and SlushHQ was only second.

85. At 5pm on both days Netherlands’ booth was crowded: It was time for Happy Hour by Heineken!

86. Korean Nori Rollercoaster Boy band-aid was the most surprising promotional giveaway you could get.

87. The tastiest treats were served at Mercedes Benz area. You can’t find anything as delicious as hand maid Karelian pasties.

88. GetJenny provided Slush a chatbot volunteer in their chat support and she handled 68% of conversation on Day 1.

89. Besides the main event Slush Helsinki, Slush organized four smaller events in 2017: Slush Music, Slush Singapore, Slush Shanghai & Slush Tokyo.


Slush in social media:

90. As Finns are bad at bragging, Slush community gave Finland hashtag as a centenary present: #BragForFinland

91. There was 33.400 tweets mentioning #slush2017 with total 50 million reach.

92. #BragForFinland has now 1.737 Instagram posts.

93. 6.352 Instagram posts have been published with #slush17

Photo: Jussi Hellsten   

Photo: Jussi Hellsten


Finnish all time stars from Slush:

94. Supercell pitched their first game, Gunshine, in Slush at 2011. The first game wasn’t a success story and the company changed their strategy from Facebook games to mobile games. Last year Supercell’s revenue was €2.1 billion.

95. Yousician won Slush idea challenge in 2011 with their idea making music musicality as normal as literacy. In 2016 Yousician’s revenue was €10 million.

96. Zenrobotics launched their waste separation robot in 2013 at Slush. Today Zenrobotics is using much more effective robots than in 2013 and last year their revenue was €4.9 million.

97. M-Files Enterprise Information Management (EIM) helps enterprises find, share and secure documents and information. The company met their major investor, Partech Ventures, at Slush in 2015 and received €33 million funding which enabled the company extend their operation. In 2016 M-Files’ revenue was €24,8 million.

98. Wolt is maybe the most Slushy startup in Finland as 4/6 founders have been building up Slush in the event’s early years. The food delivery startup’s revenue was €3,5 million in 2016.

99. Beddit presented their sleep monitor at Slush in 2013 and it was one of the companies leading the trend of individual measuring themselves. Beddit was acquired by Apple in May 2017 by undisclosed amount.


Last but not least something to keep in mind when building new businesses:

100. “Nothing normal ever changed a damn thing.”