Slush Victory Plan

Forget the official agenda, this is what you should do at Slush

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 16.08.19.png

The most anticipated annual unicorn carnival, Slush, is about to hit the fan. The sheer mass of this event pulls everyone with such a gravity that a careful battle plan is necessary to get concrete benefits out of it.

We have crafted a strategy for Avanto with specific tactics to fully embrace Slush. As always, a good plan starts with figuring out our goals on a broad level and working down towards the details along the way. We have four goals for the event and we will share the results in our after-Slush report:

  1. Find and connect with the best startups to build new ventures with
  2. Stay up-to-date with the biggest trends for the coming year
  3. Hold a good grip of the future developments in AI, cleantech and our other areas of interest
  4. Meet our customers and colleagues to share thoughts on the best practices of venture building

Naturally, actions are needed to meet the goals. The worst thing you can do aside from not going, is to just wander around the Slush venue aimlessly. The dirty work begins way before the event by figuring out who exactly you want to meet and how do you get to them. We mobilise our networks, hustle and mingle, and fully utilise the tools provided by Slush to find these insights beforehand.

At Avanto, we are not just participating in Slush, we want to shape it. Facilitating and observing the new joint-ventures between the participants helps us understand the needs of our customers on a deeper level.

Therefore, we are both celebrating the grand finale of our Accenture Accelerator, we also organise our own Slush side event, AI Afternoon. We will collide the best AI startups with the bravest corporations and investors at a side event that you can also attend without a Slush ticket (see registration below).  

At our Pre-Slush Housewarming Party, we will launch a Slush survival guide to help you prepare for the circus and go through our tactics in more details. This includes our top startup picks for this year. Stay tuned!

Remember to save these dates and see you soon!

PRE-Slush Housewarming Party, Fri Nov 24, at 17.00 - 22.00
Avanto Ventures, Mechelininkatu 3d

Accenture Accelerator Grand Finale, Fri Dec 1, at 8.30 - 11.30
Messukeskus, Kokoustamo 103

Slush AI Afternoon, Fri Dec 1, at 13.30 - 15.00
Messukeskus, Kokoustamo 208