Peter Vesterbacka: “Do what you love to do”


So here I am, doing what I love to do – writing. My name is Maija Ikonen, a fresh member of the Team Avanto. I’ve been swimming in the crispy water of corporate venturing and startup programs for a bit over two months now and enjoyed every second of it. I have a long history in media and marketing and here at Avanto I’m working as a Growth Marketer & Storyteller creating stories that stand out.

Accenture Accelerator bringing together the brightest

Since Accenture Accelerator is my very first startup program I wanted to share my experiences after the 1st bootcamp where the 17 startups met the partner corporations, talented university students, industry experts and external senior mentors.

The objective of the program is to create a bridge to drive growth across industries anywhere with startups everywhere. For the next two months startups are solving real-life business challenges of the partner corporations and attending special bootcamp days in Helsinki for further coaching. The final is held at Slush 2017 where the selected top teams are pitching and launching first products and services that have been created during the accelerator program.

 Exceptional collaborations and unique possibilities

From the day one I was really impressed how committed all the stakeholders are to the program. I believe the cross-industry collaboration and working with startups are the key factors for creating something unique. I have a huge interest in Health Tech and I can’t wait to see what startups working with Mehiläinen are launching at Slush.

 I was also happy that three startups decided to innovate together. Timo Kettunen from Diske said that they’ve taken part in several accelerators but this is the first time they are doing something as a team with other startups. The perfect trio, consisting of Diske, GetJenny and Klinik, are working with Mehiläinen and Kettunen sees this as a great opportunity. “Each of us could have done this all alone, but I think we are stronger, faster and better together”, Kettunen thinks. He says that working with Ossi Laukkanen from Mehiläinen has already been very fruitful. Laukkanen knows what they need and the feedback has been encouraging.


Peter Vesterbacka: “You can’t lead by following others” 

One of the mentors of Accenture Accelerator, Peter Vesterbacka took over the stage on 1st bootcamp wearing his trademark outfit red hoodie and sneakers. Vesterbacka was highlighting the power of a good story. “It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is if your story isn’t great. Focus on that and stand out as person or a company. Find the way to make your story the one people are talking about”.


The next bootcamp is here in few weeks and the teams have a lot to do before that. The competition is tough and the startups have to get the learnings from the pilots and develop their service or product further to get to the go-to-marker phase with the partner corporations. 

Like Mr Vesterbacka said it doesn’t matter how great things you are doing if you don’t have the story to tell. Besides Accenture Accelerator we are working on some pretty cool stuff inside our new office doors and I just can’t wait to tell you all!