Joukon Voima kicks off 1M€+ crowdfunding for an all-sustainable office building in Espoo


Joukon Voima just kicked off Finland’s biggest crowdfunding for a real estate project. The campaign aims to raise a minimum of 1M€ of loan-based funding to enable building a solar powered and geothermally heated business property to Finnoonportti, Espoo.

Many reasons to love Joukon Voima

In a nutshell, Joukon Voima is building a better, more sustainable world. A world where people, with their investments, can directly impact on what renewable energy solutions will be used and where.

Behind the company is a team we admire: hardcore experts on sustainable energy and crowdfunding solutions.

Basically, with Joukon Voima crowdfunding meets impact investing. We see a more sustainable, more democratic world ahead.


A million reasons to love the Finnoonportti campaign

Behind the Finnoonportti project is Raimo Jokinen, a grand old man of Finnish real estate, who wants to leave a legacy worth admiring. 

After consulting Joukon Voima about his project, he is convinced that solar power should be a default solution to all new properties. In addition, he is excitedly looking into the possibility to cover the ceilings of all his real estates with solar panels.

We’ve yet to receive guarantees about a solar reform through Jokinen’s portfolio, but we salute the idea.


Why we wanna see the ambitious campaign succeed?

We’ve worked for it. We started helping Joukon Voima with their strategy and business model back in Autumn 2015, and have been close ever since – despite our challenging them in pretty much everything they do. It’s not because we don’t believe in them, it’s because we want to make them even more confident about their business. And they are.

2M€ can start a movement. We’d love to see this Finnoonportti campaign not reach only its minimum goal of 1M€, but to be fully backed with the moximum amount, 2M€. It would be a clear nudge for the real estate industry to embrace sustainability big time.

The campaign started on 28th of April and will end on 16th of June. Let’s hear the cash register go BLING!

Check out the video below (in Finnish with English subtitles)