We went, we saw, the Slush

So there was Slush, presenting hundreds of impressive startups, solar powered World, integrity and seeking for love as our main motivator. Slush, promoting designers as the next C level changemakers, agile company cultures and the courage to simplify whatever it is you do. Slush, pointing out that we should all write our own obituaries to make sure we're leading a life worth remembering.

What else?

Camilla Karhukorpi, Startup Analyst:

A good pitch pays itself off

    The winner of Slush 100, CybelAngel, was a fine example of a good pitch being the ace in a startup's sleeve. The final was even when it came to business cases, but the winning team had a finely rehearsed pitch that brought in the extra level of credibility. They also answered each question for the jury clearly, unlike many other companies who wouldn't share information - or who simply didn't have answers to market or technology related questions.

    Representing an idea in 3-5 minutes requires proper practice, not just planning. It could be worth considering to hire a professional speaker.

    Check out CybelAngel >

    Jenni Uusitalo, Program Manager:

    Continuous reinvention

    All successful companies must fight to keep their product or service relevant to their clients. Continuous reinvention is the norm. Both Klarna's CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski and Intercom's Co-Founder Des Traynor admitted to being constantly worried that their company might soon be passé.

    Cruelty-free meat

    Memphis Meats take living cells from animals and produce physical meat from them in laboratory facilities. They've made various prototypes for bacon, fajita and minced meat. According to Founder Uma Valeti, laboratory produced meat is not only more ecological and ethical, it's also safer. Currently cattle are being fed loads of antibiotics, and butchered animals' meat can contain salmonella amongst other bacteria - in laboratory produced meat all this could be avoided.

    Learn more about Memphis Meats >


    Piia Maaranen, Venture Building:

    Tech trends in Health and Wellbeing

    In Health and Wellbeing one topic was clearly the key and that is Artificial Intelligence. It is clear that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will eventually be built-in in many areas in health care from virtual assistance and hospital management to support the patient engagement and retention in diagnosing and aftercare. Interesting startups in that front: Noona Healthcare, Netmedi, Buddy Healthcare, Top Data Science, to name a few.


    Sensors and smart clothing were another big area in health and wellbeing. Interesting companies in this front is are Myontec for professional sports and rehabilitation and Reima Go, providing activity sensors for kids.


    AR and VR in retail

    In retail, Augmented reality and Virtual reality will come and change the shopping experience in the future. The fact that creating a true customer experience still requires a hardware makes it still a bit hard to scale and it will take a couple of years before it can be widely commercialized. Social Robots is another interesting area that could be used in retail in the near future. One company working in that field is Furhat Robotics with their Robots with changing faces offering the human face for AI.



    See you at Slush 2017!