Piia Maaranen jumps in cold water

Piia Maaranen, Avanto's latest Director for Corporate Venturing joined our Venturing team this November. Her focus is to help corporations find innovations and future revenue streams by working closely with startups.

- Having worked on both sides of the table I’ll help to strengthen the dialogue even more. I’m also bringing my international network to use to find the best possible partners for the corporations, Piia says. 

Her corporate history holds years in director roles in sales and marketing at Hartwall and Allied Domecq. As her latest project she built a successful startup, the best mobile service of Finland in 2015* Yogaia.

- Building a startup from scratch to a company of 20+ workers in four countries and over 1M in revenue in less than three years has definitely been one of the top highlights of my career, Piia describes. 

- The journey at Yogaia has been a speedy ride of seeking a perfect product market fit through continuous learning, failing, validating, reassessing, refocusing and trusting the unknown. And having lots of fun while doing it! I'm truly proud of what the team has accomplished. 

In true Avanto** spirit Piia ice swims regularly. Not many people do that.

- I've had a habit of trying a new sport every year, and a couple of years ago friend of mine introduced me to ice swimming. I was hooked from the first time! Ice swimming is like many things in life: it's thrilling and you have to conquer yourself every time, but when you do it, it just feels awesome! The energy you get is worth all the hassle that is sometimes required to make your way to the seafront for a couple of minute's dip. 


Welcome, Piia! Good to have you with us.

* Yogaia was Awarded as App Store best of 2015 and the Best Mobile Service in Finland 2015. 

** Ice swimming happens in a hole in the ice - in Finnish this hole is called avanto, like our company name.