We are constantly looking for talented, entrepreneurial-minded people to join our team. If you feel you would fit in, please drop us a mail (hanne(at)avantoventures.fi). Especially, if you feel you'd fit one of the open positions below.

Experienced strategist & project lead

Avanto Ventures is where to look when you need to grow a new business entirely. We help our global customers build the ecosystems they need to work with new partners efficiently. Often this means transforming the way new projects are carried out, how risk is perceived and what kind of partnerships can be forged. Hot keywords to link with us are startups, open innovation, labs, venturing, accelerator programs. 

Typically we help our customer in four things: how to find a new growth business (we will take a very strategic look at the market, including that of startup landscape), where to find the right partners for rapid growth (we build a partnership program), how to get to the market faster with discovered ideas (we will either build the whole venture for our customer, or accelerate their existing venture) and how to scale ventures that have already hit the market (we use our growth hacking and venturing magic for hockey stick effect).

We know startups, corporates, strategic consulting and venturing. We create, advise and invest to build businesses that are good for the planet and the people. 

Thanks to our diverse team of 16, we are super in what we do! Now we are looking for a miracle - a person that can handle all of this. A strategic business developer who knows what it means to deliver value to our customers in the C-suite. Who can see where businesses of different industries are going and how to get there fastest. Who can close new deals but first and foremost - take the promise made into a solid deliverable, a killer project.

You are almost like a dream, so we won’t try to guess what kind of background you are coming from. Some features you should have to enjoy working with us are strategic insight, project lead skills, high level of self management, understanding of the lean startup methodology, a good sense of humour and superb communication skills (yes, also slide ware!) and fluent finnish + english. 

Our guess is you would have to have about 8+ years of business experience, but we are willing to be proven wrong! Send us an application and we’ll let you know if we can provide you the kind of job you deserve. 


Avanto is a 3-year old startup with offices in Helsinki and Amsterdam. We offer an incredible ride with lots of twist and turns. For more information, please contact Hanne Kettunen (hanne(at)avantoventures.fi, +358 40 801 2862) or simply send your application to jobs@avantoventures.fi.

Venture Architects

Our Venture Architects are corporate strategists, designers, digital product and commercialisation experts. They partner with startups or corporates, often both, to design and build new growth businesses, platforms and digital ecosystems.

Venture Architects set the direction for our ventures, define how they will disrupt industries and grow. They capture insights for novel business opportunities and design innovative business concepts. They define smart market entry points and growth paths, and outline operational models needed to commercialize new products and businesses. They lead the execution and search for scalable business model.

- Entrepreneurial mindset: you have ambitious visions and pragmatic approach to execution
- You may have been an entrepreneur before or have background in service/business design
- You embrace the principles of design thinking, lean startup, and agile development
- Vast expertise in digital business, services, or customer acquisition models
- At least 7 years of relevant experience

Please send your application to jobs@avantoventures.fi.
For more information, please contact Hanne Kettunen (hanne(at)avantoventures.fi, +358 40 801 2862).